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Prostate Massage - Pleasure and Lasting Health

According to a 2011 survey by the Prostate Cancer Charity over 70% of men over the age of 45 have no idea what their prostate is or what itís function is. This statistic is sobering, especially given how many male health problems can be traced to the malfunctioning of this piece of your anatomy. It can be embarrassing, understandably so - the prostate is in a rather awkward position - and a lot of men donít want to think about their prostate. A few more statistics though should convince any man over the age of thirty to get over it and start taking their prostate health seriously:

 Prostate Cancer Accounts for one quarter of all cancer diagnoses in men.
 60% of all men over the age of 50 have an enlarged prostate.
 30-50% of European males are thought to suffer from prostatitis.

Weíre not trying to scare you, but itíd be hard to look at these numbers and just assume that youíll never have any problems with your prostate. Knowledge is power, so the more you know about this the more you can prevent future prostate problems.

What is the Prostate Gland?

The word Ďprostateí is Greek and literally means ďone who stands beforeĒ or ďguardianĒ, because of its position. It is a gland that is considered part of the male reproductive organs and is found in almost all species. In humans it is located just below the bladder and surrounds the urethra. Many people believe that the urethraís sole function is to carry urine from the bladder when you take a whiz. However the urethra also provides the route for semen during sexual climax (ejaculation). It is this second function where the prostate comes in. Semen is comprised of sperm from the testicles and secretions from the prostate gland. What the prostate adds to the overall volume of the ejaculate is what makes it white in color. A healthy prostate is said to be slightly larger than a walnut in size and can range from 7-16 grams.

Enough of the technical stuff; the take home message is that the prostate is in a critical position and itís health drastically affects your sexual well being and overall health. Anything that comes out of your penis - whether it urine or semen - must pass the prostate.

Which is why just a slight enlargement of this piece of your anatomy can cause so many problems. Think of a hose; water will flow freely through it if there are no impediments, however, if this hose is squeezed even a little the water will have to force its way through and the tighter the constriction the more violently this forced expulsion will be.

Unfortunately, as we age, the prostate continues to grow so most men will invariable face some problems due to an enlarged prostate.
A Healthy Walnut

From completely removing an enlarged prostate surgically to antibiotics, to transurethral microwave thermotheraphy (that doesnít sound fun) the medical establishment has a plethora of treatments for prostate problems. Many of these work quite well, and if you think that you may really have an acute problem with your prostate then definitely see your doctor - this article isnít intended as medical advice - however, there is a decent amount of research and anecdotal evidence that more traditional, non-invasive treatments can keep oneís semen walnut in good health.

Some simple steps include eating less red meat - itís high concentration of saturated animal fat has been linked to prostate problems - and try some of these diet suggestion from readers digest .

Ejaculating is Good For You
Just as regularly working your muscles in the gym will make them healthier, regular ejaculation keeps your prostate honest and happy (and not just your prostate). As we get older and our lives get busier and our hormone levels decrease we may not orgasm as much as we used to. Itís sad, but not something you should just take for granted. Even if youíre not ready for a Love Tantric prostate massage, a traditional erotic massage can leave you relaxed, happy and even do a bit of preventative good for your prostate.

Sensual Prostate Massage For Health and Tantric Ecstasy

The prostate can be reached through the bum, which makes for uncomfortable doctors appointments, but can lead to a lot of fun with the right masseuse. The prostate is commonly referred to as the Male G-spot, and for good reason; itís highly sensitive and orgasm can be achieved by just massaging the prostate. Thatís right: you can have a pleasurable ejaculation without any stimulation of the penis. Of course, that doesnít mean a good prostate massage doesnít involve completely neglecting your member - massaging and stroking both, often simultaneously, can precipitate earth shattering male orgasms - much stronger than using either technique in isolation.

In addition to the added orgasmic pleasure, direct prostate massage can stimulate the gland and increase blood flow to the region, which in turn can lead to a decrease in swelling and a return to normal size.

Preparing for a Proper Prostate Massage
To get the most of of the prostate massage experience the number one thing to remember is to try to relax. The anal sphincter is a strong muscle, if youíre nervous and uptight it will naturally clench making passage to the prostate uncomfortable. We know it can be an uncomfortable experience if youíve never tried it before, but taking some deep breaths, knowing that youíre with a trained masseuse, and keeping an open mind will all make the experience pleasurable. Once youíre relaxed and accepting of whatís to come, donít be afraid to offer feedback during the prostate massage, tell your masseuse what feels good and what doesnít.

Tantra and the Prostate

At itís core tantra is about pleasure and awareness: a way of finding harmony through sexual expression and orgasmic health. Stress and aging can cause a lot of serious health problems, but over the millennia, luckily, those bold enough to explore new avenues of pleasure have found ways of not only multiplying the power of orgasms, but also of staving off potentially life threatening prostate problems. How can you argue with that? Call Love Tantric to find out more about the restorative benefits one can find with an expert sensual masseuse.  

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