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What is Tantric Massage Exactly?

In broad terms tantra is based on the Sanskrit words tan (“expand”) and tra (“instrument”). At Love Tantric our mission is simple: to provide the instrument for your expansion and to bring sensual bliss and physical relaxation through the expert application of these ancient methods.

All Love Tantric Goddesses have trained in the art of providing both mental and physical sensual arousal and satisfaction, together as one.
Initially, helping you to relax and unwind using their own special massage and relaxation talents, then gradually and intentionally building up your arousal in intensity until you are taken beyond the absolute limit of what you think would normally be possible. Finally, at a point you never thought you could reach, they release you into a state of total satisfaction and relaxation using skilled and time honoured manipulation techniques.

For a full explanation of what to expect with a Love Tantric massages and why you should choose us check out our Terms here.

To see our goddesses of Love Tantric check out our Masseuses Gallery here.

Love Tantric Classic
Our most popular massage - A full Body-2-Body naturist massage performed with the skill expected from a Tantric Goddess. Imagine a graceful naked feminine figure above you, beneath you, beside you, around you all at once. Pressing, caressing, cajoling and worshipping every inch of your body with every inch of hers. Traditional erogenous zones will be fully pampered while other, yet undiscovered, nexuses of pleasure are awakened and ignited - Sit back, relax, enjoy and be fully satisfied.
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Love Tantric Nuru Massage
Nuru is the most wildly popular innovation to hit the massage world in the last decade. This decadent experience is like no other and something we firmly believe that everyone should try at least once in their lives. The word Nuru, translated from Japanese, means slippery or smooth. The secret behind the insane pleasure and novelty of this massage is the liberal use of a special odorless and tasteless gel made from brown seaweed. The Nuru gel is heated to a comfortable temperature and applied to large areas of the body of not only the person receiving the massage, but the masseuse as well. Just as electricity propagates more quickly through a liquid medium, tactile stimulation is also enhanced and multiplied by the properties of this slippery gel. Attaining the widest area of physical contact between participants is the key to maximizing the effect of the gel. Thusly, once comfortably coated in pleasure conductive gel, the massage involves an athletic, nimble and endlessly sensual body 2 body massage. An almost weightless gliding of bodies and confluence of sensations that really defies words and is something one just has to experience first hand to appreciate. Indira is especially talented in the practice of Nuru massage and we can't recommend spending an hour slipping around with her enough.
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Male Prostate Massage
Though the exact details still remain a mystery, everyone has heard of the feminine G-spot, but did you know that tantric philosophy teaches that men also have a G-spot? It's believed that this pleasure center is the emotional and physical gateway to male ecstasy. When expertly stimulated the pleasures within the 'sacred spot' can be intense, leading to a much higher plane of pleasure. The rigours and stress of daily life can cause the muscles surrounding the male G-spot to lose flexibility and restrict blood flow and oxygen intake, which can lead to all manner of unwanted effects - infection, swelling, or even cancer. A pulsating male G-spot massage has the added benefit of rejuvenating this all important area, making it - and you - healthier and happier. Let a masseuse awaken your sacred spot, the benefits are immeasurable and will last long after your massage has ended.
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Love Tantric 4 Hands
If two heads are better than one, then what does that make four hands? Absolute, unremitting, indulgent bliss for a start. Simple addition doesn’t work when two of our sensual masseuses focus all their attention on you. With twice the attention and double the pleasure, suffice it to say, the experience of a Love Tantric 4 Hands massage is something you’ll never forget.
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